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{ @media print }

A (bright) future without desktop publishing


About Design, Paris College of Art, March 14th, 2023

(Tim Berners-Lee)

“The WorldWideWeb (W3) is a wide-area hypermedia information retrieval initiative aiming to give universal access to a large universe of documents”

Tim Berners-Lee

“The [WWW] project is based on the philosophy that much academic information should be freely available to anyone”

Tim Berners-Lee


Hypertext Markup Language



Cascading Style Sheets



Separation of content and presentation

Responsive design with CSS media queries

@media screen and (min-width: 1080px){...}

Current browsers consider the computer screen to be the primary presentation target, but [CSS] has the potential of supporting many output media, e.g. paper, speech and braille.

Responsive design = screen + print + ...

@media print{...}

Creating PDF with the browser

Open Source Publishing

Graphic design with free and open source softwares (F/LOSS)

Program: La Balsamine, 2013–2014

Open Source Publishing

Book: Wim Nijenhuis The Riddle of the Real city, 2017

Open Source Publishing

Graphic experiments

Louise Drulhe, Atlas critique d'internet, EnsAD, 2015

Performative publications

Stéphanie Vérin (éd.), Festival Poisson-Évêque. Conversation, documentation, restitution, 2017
Design graphique: Luuse


Raphaël Bastide, Sarah Garcin, Open Source Publishing,
Luuse, Quentin Juhel, Bonjour Monde, Julien Taquet,
Eric Schrijver, Loraine Furter, etc.


PrePostPrint highlights experimental publications made with free software.

Code X, 01 — PrePostrint, éditions HYX, 2017

Flux → Pagination

Missing features

Running headers, page number, facing pages, page float, etc.

Main international standards organization for the World Wide Web
(Lead by Tim Berners-Lee since 1994)

A free and open source JavaScript library that paginates content in browser to create PDF outputs of any HTML content


Core team

Adam Hyde

Fred Chasen

Julien Taquet

Julie Blanc

Coko Foundation

Single source publishing

Use the possibilities
of the web and the print
at the same time

Amélie Dumont, CityFab2.docs, 2020

CSS flexbox

Position and distribute flexible elements in a flexible space

Romane Poupelin

Workshop « Scripter Gutenberg : des publication de papier et d’écran »,
Esad Orleans, 21-27 janvier 2020

Workshop: L'idéal anarchique, November, 13th-18th, 2021

Use the camera to integrate background in images (Julien Bidoret)

Atla Press Book

C&F éditions

Nicolas Taffin, Typothérapie, C&F éditions, 2023.

The web to print library (web.2print.org)

coordinated by Lucile Haute, with Quentin Juhel and Antoine Lefebvre

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