Julie Blanc

Transforming HTML
to beautiful books and websites A graphic designer point of view

Page Break, 27-28 October 2022, San Francisco, CA USA

Separation of content and presentation

Responsive design with CSS media queries

@media screen and (min-width: 1080px){...}

Current browsers consider the computer screen to be the primary presentation target, but [CSS] has the potential of supporting many output media, e.g. paper, speech and braille.

Responsive design = screen + print + ...

@media print{...}

Creating PDF with the browser

Flux → Pagination

Missing features

Running headers, page number, facing pages, page float, etc.

A free and open source JavaScript library that paginates content in browser to create PDF outputs of any HTML content


Core team

Adam Hyde

Fred Chasen

Julien Taquet

Julie Blanc

Coko Foundation

  • Based on W3C web standards
  • Open and free tool (MIT licence)
  • Visual preview in the browser

Visual preview in the browser

Facilitate access to development tools

Single source publishing

Example: https://villachiragan.saintraymond.toulouse.fr

Custom workflows

Paged.js is just a brick
added to more complex workflows

Command line version of Paged.js

Bringing more graphic designers to make books with HTML and CSS

Thank you

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